Corporate AV

Corporate AV

We provide Consultancy, Design and Programming services along with Equipment Supply and Installation to Business Owners, Facility Managers, Architects, Interior and Space designers, Events and Marketing Managers across a whole range of industries requiring any type of Audio Visual support and equipment. Our Award winning designs have included Mobile Roadshows, Museums and Visitor Attractions, Multi-site, Multi-Continent 'connected' Offices, Sports Bars, Retail Spaces and Marine projects.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi AV Consultancy

We are always available for a no-obligation discussion around your AV requirements, plans and budgets.

Once briefed we can undertake a full assessment of any systems and equipment you are considering investing in, systems and equipment you are taking over or systems and equipment you wish to upgrade or integrate with new equipment.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi AV Design

Working alongside your Architects, Space Planners, Interior Designers, IT Team and User groups we will design a solution to match your needs, budgets and long term plans.

Our Design team will produce CAD based engineering Drawings alongside an equipment list and budgets to ensure smooth integration with your project and budget planning.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi AV Installation & Programming

Our Installation team undertake all manner of works including electrical and mechanical fixings, first and second fix cabling, AV equipment installation, Integration, Programming, Calibration and Testing.

Our Programming team will utilise AMX or Crestron hardware and software to bring all aspects of your installation together into a single User Friendly control App.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi AV Equipment Supply

Facility owners, Managers and Operators with In-house expertise can benefit from our AV equipment Assessment, Knowledge and Purchasing to ensure they procure and install the correct equipment with local and national backup.

Working with both large and small scale manufacturers we will match your requirements with the best equipment for any particular project.