Sports Bar UHD Video Distribution

The Media Factory and Octava Inc. have been collaborating since 2005 to produce a unique range of HDMI Switch, Distribution, Extender and Converter products. We have jointly designed, developed and supported a unique range of Sports Bar, Corporate AV and Residential HDMI products. 'Octava Direct' is our latest creation - offering 'factory direct' support and pricing on our UHD and HD 'over LAN' Video Distribution products to Facility Owners, Operators and Managers.

Our UHD and HD capable Sports Bar Video Distribution systems are installed in venues large and small across the US, Europe and Asia.

Facility Owners, Operators and Managers benefit from our many years experience designing, supplying, integrating and supporting cost effective, simple to install and reliable video distribution systems.

iPad, Mobile or Desktop control of Source selection is included with every system – you choose the level of ‘Integration’ you require.

Manual and scheduled control of TV’s via our Control system is a big hit with many of our customers – no more endless running around with a traditional remote control every morning and evening.

We are always available for a no-obligation discussion around your Sports Bar Video distribution requirements.

Office TV, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms, Breakout Zones, Game Zones – just some of the areas where we have integrated our UHD Video systems around our customers Corporate spaces.

Our Multi-Zone and Multi-Space UHD Video Distribution systems provide a cost effective solution allowing you to get your message across to your staff and your staff to communicate effectively both internally and externally.

Our UHD Video Distribution systems with USB and LAN control allow you to share expensive resources across your office and corporate spaces.

Our Design team have many years experience guiding, designing and implementing multi-Source, multi-Display solutions for Corporate clients across the US, Europe and Asia.

In-store TV, Interactive Displays, Shop Window TV, External Displays and large LED arrays – our UHD Video Distribution systems are utilised in many retail settings.

Fully integrated with your preferred Content Management System our interactive solutions are the ideal cost effective solution for delivering your message across multiple-Displays and multiple-Zones of your store.

Our iPad and Mobile control option enables your staff and store management to ‘push’ content to your customers using a schedule or live interactive control.

Our systems will integrate with your preferred CMS system and in-store playback solution.

Campus TV, Shared Centralised Resources, Learning Pods, Classroom TV, Assembly Halls just some of the ‘on-campus’ areas where our UHD Video Distribution and HDMI Conversion products have been installed.

Extending a single or multiple Sources across small or large Networks is all within the capabilities of our Point to Point and multi-cast Distribution systems.

KVM control of remote sources is enabled via our cost effective UHD over LAN solution.

Our design team will guide your in-house or External AV installers through designing, installing and integrating our ‘Campus’ technology with your preferred room control and scheduling system.

Our most popular HDMI Switch, Extender and Converter products for Residential systems are available via our online store with full pre and post sales support.

From simple multiple Switch units through to complete ‘whole house’ UHD Video and Audio distribution systems we have the expertise and experience to guide your through your requirements.

Our Residential range includes our ARC enabled UHD capable 4x1 HDMI + Digital Audio Switch plus 1x1 Audio extractor which are ideal partners for the SONOS PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE.

Our Technical team are always happy to answer your questions about which Octava product is most suitable for your system.