TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Corporate AV

Digital Signage, Sports bars, Education facilities, House of worship, Video Conferencing, Museums, Visitor Centers, Mobile Training facilities and Roadshows – our Designers, Programmers and Installers have handled projects from small to very large across multiple continents.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Residential AV

Multi-room Entertainment systems, Multi-room Audio systems, Cinema Rooms, Control systems, Hi-Fi systems, Home networking – our system Designers, Programmers and Installers have created systems for bedrooms, lounges, lofts, ships and castles.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Octava Inc.

The Media Factory provides Consultancy, Design, Supply and Installation services in conjunction with Octava Inc. across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa for HDMI Switching, Distribution, Converter and Extender products.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Web Shop

We supply a range of our most popular Residential and ‘Home Cinema’ video and audio products via our online shop.