HDFury UK Distributor.

The Media Factory has been supplying and supporting this unique range of HDMI Video conversion products since 2012. The HDFury product range allows us to fix common HDMI, HDCP, EDID, HDR, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and eARC problems.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Enable uncompressed audio on your SONOS Soundbar

Enabled uncompressed HD and Dolby Atmos audio on your eArc Soundbar with the HDFury Arcana, Arcana2-VRR or VRRoom.

The ideal solution for SONOS Arc, SONOS Beam (Gen2) , Bose 800 and any other eARC or ARC enabled AVR or Soundbar.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Experience Dolby Vision

Enable Player Led Dolby Vision (LLDV) on your HDR10 capable Display or Projector with the Arcana, Arcana2-VRR, Vertex2 or VRRoom.

The ideal solution for HDR10 capable Projector owners who want to experince dynamic HDR.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Fix HDCP, EDID and cable length problems.

Optimise your Source device to the capabilities of your AVR, TV, Projector, Media Suite or Media Capture device.

Use our inbuilt EDID tables, capture EDID from a third party device or create your own EDID using an external EDID editor.

Fix common HDCP, EDID and cable length issues.

TMF-cyan-RIGHT_ARROW-40ppi Support VRR plus uncompressed audio.

Integrate your VRR capable Source device with non-VRR capable audio systems.

Ideal for Gaming PC, PS5 and Xbox owners with VRR capable Displays and legacy AVR’s or Projectors.

Switch one or more VRR capable Source devices using the Arcana2-VRR or VRRoom.

HDFury UK Retail Sales

Hi-Fi Corner are our UK retail partner.

Please click on the image below to visit the Hi-Fi Corner webshop.

All products are supplied including a UK PSU plus a 2-Year UK warranty.