The Media Factory have been supplying and supporting HDFury audio video converters and problem solvers since 2007.

Our HDFury products are shipped from our base in the UK and include a UK PSU and Two Year UK Warranty.

The Media Factory are listed on the manufacturers website (HDFury.com) as their preferred UK Retail and Pro integration supplier.

NOTE: HDFury do not operate a .UK or .EU website or webshop!

This unique range of conversion products allows you to mix and match old and new HDMI equipment.

Use the HDFury product range to fix HDMI, HDCP, EDID, HDR and eARC problems.

Enable uncompressed Atmos audio on your SONOS ARC Soundbar with the HDFury ARCANA.

Switch and down or up-convert your 4K UHD signal between a 4K and 1080p Display with the HDFury Vertex².

Switch and process 4K UHD between HDR and SDR with the HDFury Diva.

Extend and Distribute 4K UHD with the HDFury Maestro HDMI Matrix with HDMI Extender award wining conversion and scaling technology.

Control HDR and SDR bias light systems with the HDFury Diva.

Fix common EDID and HDMI handshake problems with the HDFury Dr HDMI 4K.

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Showing all 12 results