Atlantic Technology IW-155 LCR


THX Ultra2 Certified In-wall Front LCR Loudspeaker!

The IW-155 LCR  is a premium-performance in-wall speaker that addresses the need for no-compromise performance with the flexibility to mount either horizontally or vertically in standard 16″-on-center stud-framed walls.It is a perfect solution for retro-fit applications and its small footprint makes it particularly inconspicuous when installed.

The 155’s MDF baffle continues Atlantic’s use of non-resonant baffle material for in-wall speakers, resulting in far better acoustic performance than speakers that use ‘ringy’ plastic or resonance-prone aluminum baffles or enclosures.

As a final touch, the 155 has two easily-accessible controls on the front panel (Boundary Compensation and HF Level) to adjust for varying placement and room acoustics situations.


Feature List

  • Sonic performance is a perfect match with our other Atlantic THX in-walls
  • Easy horizontal mounting between standard 16″-on-center, 3 1/2″-deep wall construction
  • Backbox (IN-BOX-155) sold separately, required for THX-certified performance
  • Boundary Compensation and High Frequency sound-optimization controls
  • The GFR-155 grille/frame assembly (required) is packaged and sold separately for maximum installation/scheduling flexibility

The IWTS-155 LCR is the perfect answer to the seemingly contradictory demands of no-compromise performance and the ability to fit horizontally between standard 16″-on-center studs. This system represents a combination of superlative audio performance, simple installation, and innovative features that are unmatched by virtually any other custom-installed system.

This THX-certified (pending) front-channel speaker forms the heart of a top-performance home theater system. It is a 2-way system with a two long-excursion 5 1/4” woofers, and the very latest version of Atlantic’s exclusive 1” Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™).

Use the 155 as a center channel speaker with either of Atlantic’s other THX-certified in-wall speakers, the IWCB-727 or the IWTS-30 LCR. Because of its ability to fit horizontally between standard stud spacing, the 155 makes a perfect center channel match for these speakers, with absolutely no drop-off in performance or output.

Alternately, you can use three 155’s across the front LCR stage–either vertically, horizontally, or a V-H-V combination–for a virtually perfectly, seamless front theater sound.

Front Panel Controls:

– HF level—Adjusts tweeter’s output for varying room acoustics

– Boundary—Adjusts upper-bass/lower-mid response to correct for “boundary gain” when speaker is too close to corner

The optional IN-BOX-155 back box provides the proper enclosure volume for optimum THX-certified woofer response, and minimizes acoustic bleed-through from one room to another.

Separate GFR-155 grille/frame—Grille/frame assembly is sold separately from speaker portion, to maximize installation scheduling convenience.

This speaker’s THX certification is your assurance that the IWTS-155 LCR belongs in the very highest category of precision, high-performance audio devices.

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