Atlantic Technology IW-30 LCR


THX Ultra 2 Certified In-wall Front LCR Loudspeaker
The IW-30 LCR  is our top-of-the-line in-wall speaker. It’s an exceptionally sophisticated speaker whose lineage traces directly to our highly regarded System 8200e. The 30 LCR is a 3-way design using an 8″ woofer, dual 3 ½” midranges and Atlantic’s exclusive LRT™ tweeter.

The entire M-T-M assembly rotates 90 degrees so the midranges and tweeter can be kept in the correct vertical orientation whether the speaker is installed horizontally or vertically. The assembly also can tilt up to 8 degrees, so the sound can be precisely directed at the listening position–up, down, left, or right– regardless of where the speaker is placed in the room.

Particularly noteworthy are Atlantic’s proprietary new midrange drivers. Utilizing oversized 1″ voice coils and massive magnets for high efficiency, these drivers exhibit exceptionally low distortion and tremendous power-handling ability. The 30’s remarkable clarity and detail is attributable in large measure to these amazing new drivers.

The 30 LCR’s MDF baffle continues Atlantic’s use of non-resonant baffle material for in-wall speakers, resulting in far better acoustic performance than speakers that use ‘ringy’ plastic or resonance-prone aluminum baffles or enclosures.

As a final touch, the 30 has three easily-accessible controls on the front panel (Boundary Compensation, HF Level, and Location) to adjust for varying placement, room acoustics, and video screen usage situations.

This new design utilizes an ultra thin bezel and magnetic grille for the ultimate in stealth design.


Feature List

  • Sonic performance rivals the best freestanding speakers
  • Mounts easily in standard 16″-on-center, 3 1/2″-deep wall construction
  • Backbox (IN-BOX-30) sold separately, optional but required for THX-certified performance
  • Tiltable, rotatable midrange-tweeter assembly with sound-optimization controls
  • Thin Bezel, magnetic grill

The IW-30 LCR is our top-of-the-line in-wall theater speaker system, the best we’ve ever made. Considering that Atlantic has been in the home theater speaker business since 1989, that’s really saying something.

This system represents a combination of superlative audio performance, simple installation, and innovative features that are unmatched by virtually any other custom-installed system.

This THX Ultra 2-certified front-channel speaker forms the heart of a no-compromise home theater system. It is a 3-way system with a long-excursion 8” woofer, two high-power 3 ½” midranges and Atlantic’s exclusive 1” Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™).

The midranges and tweeter are arrayed in a vertical M-T-M configuration, in a separate sealed enclosure, isolated from the woofer. The entire M-T-M assembly rotates 90 degrees, so the tweeter-midrange array can be kept in the preferred vertical orientation for optimum dispersion, even if you choose to mount the 30 LCR horizontally.

The M-T-M assembly can also be tilted up to 8 degrees towards the listening area, so no matter where the 30 LCR is mounted—above, below, or far to the sides of the screen—its sound can always be directed precisely at the listeners for pinpoint sonic imaging and localization.

The 3 ½” midrange driver is a proprietary Atlantic design that uses an over-sized 1” voice coil for outstanding power handling with virtually perfect driver control for ultra-low distortion. Our 1” LRT tweeter has a damped rear chamber/heatsink that allows the tweeter to cross over a full octave lower than an ordinary tweeter, thus delivering much wider dispersion and more even sound coverage.

These advanced mid- and high-frequency drivers, combined with the rotatable-tiltable M-T-M assembly, allow the IW-30 LCR to deliver an unprecedented level of effortless, accurate sound, almost independent of where the speaker is mounted.

Front Panel Controls :

– HF level—Adjusts tweeter’s output for varying room acoustics

– Location—Raises or lowers entire mid-treble band depending on whether or not speaker is behind perforated video screen

– Boundary—Adjusts upper-bass/lower-mid response to correct for “boundary gain” when speaker is too close to corner

Optional back box Provides proper enclosure volume for optimum THX-certified woofer response; minimizes acoustic bleed-through from one room to another.

Rotatable/tiltable M-T-M assembly—Retains optimum vertical alignment of M-T-M, even if speaker is installed horizontally; allows mid/high-frequency sound to be directed precisely at listening position.

Thin bezel and magnetic grill provide the ultimate in stealth design.

MDF baffle is non-resonant, resulting in far better acoustic performance than conventional in-walls that use inferior plastic or aluminum, which can ring like a ‘bell,’ seriously degrading the speaker’s sound.

This speaker’s THX Ultra 2 certification is your assurance that the IW-30 LCR belongs in the very highest category of precision, high-performance audio devices.

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