HDFury Arcana


This item will be released 19th November 2020.
No eARC TV ? No problem! And no more lip sync issues for eARC TV owners!
WORLD’S FIRST eARC adapter that allows FULL AUDIO up to Dolby Atmos over TrueHD from ANY external HDMI source to ANY eARC sound system.
Perfect solution for SONOS Arc/BOSE 500/BOSE 700 and ANY eARC/ARC AVR, soundbar or headphones.
The Arcana Kit includes:

  • Arcana unit
  • Choice of power supply
  • USB power cable (6ft)

Support any video and/or audio signal in existence today including LLDV, HLG, HDR10+, DTS:X, ATMOS and more…

Vertex² allows any HDMI source (Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, media players, satellite receiver, game consoles, PCs, etc.) to be shown on any of the connected displays and any sources Full HDMI audio to be played on any AVR.

World First: Vertex² is also capable of extracting full audio from any TV ARC or eARC (HDMI2.1) up to Atmos High Bit Rate over True HD and forward it via 720p/1080p HDMI to any capable AVR input!

Vertex² Kit includes:

  • Vertex² central unit
  • Choice of power supply (UK/EU)
  • IR RX Sensor cable (9ft)
  • USB > RS232 jack cable (6ft)
  • DB9 > RS232 jack cable (1ft)
  • Optical cable (4.5ft)


World First eARC HDMI2.1 adapter!
Arcana allows ANY HDMI source audio to ANY ARC sound system and ANY HDMI source FULL AUDIO to ANY eARC sound system for up to Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby MAT Atmos, DTS-X, DTS-HD Master Audio and older formats.
Production of the smartest converter solution for interoperability between any HDMI sources and eARC or ARC sound systems has now started.

Hardware-wise, Arcana features 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output with scaling option, 1 eARC output, USB type A for USB stick update, USB type C for power, RS232, OLED display and a rotary/wheel switch on the side allowing to navigate/select and perform changes in the device system menu. Arcana input is capable of 4K HDR/HLG/DV/LLDV/HDR10+ up to 18Gbps for video and support any sound format in existence today, HDMI video output is capable of outputting 18Gbps or downscaling 4K/UHD to 2K/FHD and support all sound formats as well.

Software-wise, EDID management ensures the best possible mixing of TV video capabilities and SONOS Arc (or other) audio capabilities at all times. HDCP conversion is possible in any way and the device can downscale and perform signal operations such as Chroma/Color depth or Color space.
Arcana also allows playback of DV content from LLDV capable source to any HDR10 display and can increase or decrease HDR metadata nits value in real time!
All signal information is visible at first sight via OLED or On Screen Display.

  • Full Audio up to Atmos/TrueHD from any HDMI source/output to SONOS Arc or any eARC sound system
  • Solve SONOS Arc lip sync issue when using external HDMI sources connected to eARC TV
  • Works for HDMI source to eARC sound system or HDMI source to ARC sound system
  • CEC control from TV at output to source at input
  • CEC volume control from source to eARC/ARC sound system
  • CEC volume control from TV to eARC/ARC sound system
  • ARC retrieval from TV ARC input to eARC/ARC sound system
  • HDMI 2.0b Full Audio/Video passthrough up to 18Gbps/600MHz (SDR/HDR10/DV/LLDV)
  • Allow DV content playback from LLDV capable source on any HDR10 display for improved picture quality
  • HDMI2.0b Full Audio/Video output has an optional downscaler for improved picture quality on 1080p TV
  • Allow HDCP 2.2 > 1.4 Conversion
  • Perform Chroma, Color space and Color depth modification if needed
  • Increase or decrease nits value of HDR metadata in real-time during HDR playback
  • Live signal info and details on OSD and OLED
  • Rotary switch for OLED menu navigation
  • USB type C (for power) and USB type A female (for USB stick update)
  • RS232 jack connector (for integration and control, not needed for average user)

Additional information


1.4, 2.2, Downconvert 2.2 to 1.4


Enable uncompressed Atmos and HD audio between a non eARC TV or Source and your eARC enabled Soundbar.

Made for SONOS ARC

Enhance your SONOS ARC Soundbar.

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