HDfury X4


Three devices in one small box – you choose which mode you wish to use based on the Firmware you upload to the unit vis its USB port.

X4 Scaler – up or down convert to or from 1080p video (with Frame Rate Conversion). Choose your preferred HDTV or PC format Output. Includes many additional controls for customising the image to suit your Display or Projection device.

X4 HDR to SDR conversion. Convert 1080p HDR to 1080p SDR for perfect streaming and game capture. View an HDR source in ambient lighting conditions. Combine with an HDfury Vertex to enjoy 4K UHD with HDR on your Primary Display plus 1080p SDR on your Secondary Display or capture device.

X4 Ambient Light Controller – add dynamic lighting effects  which track your video content. More information to follow on this new Firmware option.

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HDfury X4 Scaler/Converter kit includes

  • HDfury X4 Converter
  • Component extender cable
  • Digital Audio extender cable
  • BNC, VGA and DB9 RGBHV extender cable
  • Choice of power supply (UK/EU)
  • USB > mini USB cable

Additional information

HDR Conversion

1080p HDR to 1080p SDR