Atlantic Technology IC-6HT


High Performance In-ceiling LCR loudspeaker

Top quality front channel theater speaker, hidden in the ceiling

The IC-6 HT uses a heavy-duty 6 ½-inch woofer that is angled 15 degrees towards the listening area, and Atlantic’s exclusive 1″ Low Resonance Tweeter that handles more of the sound spectrum than any other in-ceiling speaker for unmatched sound coverage.

The ultra thin bezel design and magnetically attached grill make this the ultimate front stage LCR InCeiling speaker.

Front mounted Boundary Compensation and Tweeter level controls ensure ideal sound wherever they’re mounted. The unique Boundary Compensation Control reduces the undesirable build-up of mid-bass frequencies when the speaker is placed too close to a side wall.


  • Unique Atlantic Technology design makes this speaker sound like our best front-facing box speakers
  • Heavy-duty 6 1/2″ woofer is angled at listening area
  • Atlantic’s exclusive Low-Resonance Tweeter handles more of the sound spectrum for wide-angle coverage
  • Boundary Compensation Control reduces mid-bass build-up when speaker is mounted too close to side wall
  • Optional back-box, new construction bracket,and square grills sold separately

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In-ceiling, Front LR, Centre, Surround LR, Rear, Atmos


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