Atlantic Technology IW-115SR (Pair)


High Performance In-wall Surround and Rear Effects speaker for small to medium sized theater installations (Pair)

The IW-115 SR is a high-performance in-wall/in-ceiling surround speaker that delivers spacious, enveloping surround effects for top-grade home theater systems. It features an innovative dual-concentric driver design capable of filling the listening area with three-dimensional lifelike theater sound, whether the system is based on non-directional ambient sound or object-based positional audio.

The IW-115 SR features dual 4.5” woofers with concentric 1” silk dome tweeters mounted in a non-resonant medium density fiberboard (MDF) baffle. Using MDF for the baffle instead of the thin, vibration-prone plastic used in ordinary in-wall speakers gives the 155 SR’s drivers a far more solid “acoustic footing” from which to launch their sound, resulting in cleaner output and greater resolution of low-level details.

The speaker features switchable dipole/bipole mode. Use dipole mode for diffuse-field surround sound, such as 5.1 Dolby True HD and bipole mode for precise object-based surround formats such as Dolby Atmos. Either mode will fill a large home listening area with lifelike, dramatic surround effects.

The thin bezel grille is magnetically attached to the frame and can be easily removed or re-attached. The grille can be painted to match virtually any décor so the 115SR will blend into the room and become virtually invisible.


Feature List

  • Front panel mounted dipole/bipole switch
  • Non-resonant MDF baffle and gold plated connectors
  • Sonic performance is a perfect match with our other Atlantic in-walls
  • Ultra-thin bezel and magnetically attached grille for ultimate stealth

Dipole or bipole: That is the question.

If you are planning to use the IW-115SR in a 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 Dolby True HD or DTS Master Audio-based home theater, we recommend setting the switch to Dipole mode. Dipole puts the two driver arrays out of acoustic and electric phase with each other, so in the near field, their outputs cancel, resulting in a very non-localizable sound field. This is ideal for reproducing non-directional effects like rustling leaves or the general hustle-and-bustle of a crowded city street.

If you are setting up a Dolby Atmos or DTS-X home theater, set the IW-115SR to Bipole mode (the speaker arrays in phase with each other). The positional audio in Dolby Atmos and other object-based systems requires precise sound localization from the surround speaker. Bipole speakers deliver very definitive imaging and outperform Dipole speakers in these instances.

Feel free to experiment with both switch positions. Since the magnetic attachment of the grille makes removal and reattachment quick and easy, you can easily go from Dipole to Bipole depending on your choice of program material or personal preference.

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In-wall, Surround LR, Rear, Atmos


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