RuiPro 5v Inserter with PSU


Use with a RuiPro Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable to fix power starvation issues:

  • Solve HPD (Hot plug), EDID and HDCP errors caused when power is not provided by a HDMI source or display
  • Provides stable power and removes reliance on your source or display providing power via HDMI
  • Stabilises HDMI at 5 Volts and increases current capacity to 800mA
  • Compliant with all UltraHD and 4K requirements
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We supply this product including a UK or EU fully Regulated USB Power Supply (select when ordering).

For optimum results position at the Sink (Display) end of your RuiPro Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable.

NOTE Whilst the injector can be powered from your TV or Projector USB socket we have had mixed results when trying to use a TV, Projector or AVR USB socket to power the injector – ideally you use the supplied fully regulated USB PSU.

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