Samson Black Series Loudspeaker Cable 4×2.5mm


Samson Black Series 4×2.5mm is the ideal loudspeaker cable for most AV, Home Cinema, Multi-room and Hi-Fi systems. The round cross section flexible jacket makes it simple to work with and install into walls, floors and ceilings vs. a conventional ‘shotgun’ style Hi-Fi cable.

Samson Black Series 2.5mm is our cable of choice on all Multi-room audio, Cinema and Hi-Fi systems we install.

Supplied on a 100m Drum.


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Samson Black Series Loudspeaker Cables – 4 x 2.5mm (100m Drum)

Samson Black Series Speaker Cable Range has a strong but flexible jacket used for indoor touring and installation purposes using stranded oxygen-free copper (OFC) and is built for optimum handling and electrical performance.

Conductor: Stranded Copper wire 50x 0.25mm / 0.01″ = 2.50mm / 3/32″
Conductor Resistance: 7.98 Ohm/km
Diameter: 10.20mm / 3/8″ +-0.30mm / 0.01″
Insulation: PVC
Insulation Resistance: 20 Mohm x km
Jacket: Soft PVC
Operating Voltage: Maximum 50-75 V AC/DC
Temperature Range: -10 to 70°C
Type: 4-Core 2.5mm / 3/32″ Speaker Cable

Supplied on a 100m Drum.

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