Tibo Smart Streamer


HiFi Pre Amplifier with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth music streaming.


  • Pre-AMP built-in
  • 18 smart direct pre-sets for internet radio stations
  • Multiroom stream CD quality music via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Inputs: 1x Line in , AUX
  • Outputs: 1x Optical out, 1x Line out
  • Controlled by TIBO app
  • Remote Control


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TIBO Smart Streamer – Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Receiver / Pre-Amplifier / Internet Radio



With a choice of streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi plus the addition of an analogue Line in input, the TIBO Smart Streamer truly can play it all. Connect your mobile device via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and enjoy your stored music or streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. Connect to your home network by Wi-Fi or Ethernet and you open a huge range of music options. Thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world are available and all easy to access via the TIBO app. Alternatively, Internet radio stations and playlists can be easily accessed, thanks to the 18-quick access presets. Another great feature with this TIBO streamer is the ability to use it as a Hi-Fi pre-amp. With an optical digital output, you can even connect it up to a digital amp or AV receiver.


The Smart Streamer is just one of TIBO’s new range of products that can be linked to form a multiroom system. By ‘bouncing’ sound you can link up to 10m, you can link up to 16 compatible TIBO products for music all around your home TIBO’s free app doesn’t just control the streamer’s basic functions it also lets you stream separate audio to different (compatible) TIBO devices. This means that Spotify might be streaming to the speaker in your bedroom while Tidal is streaming to the kitchen speaker. For the best sound quality, the TIBO Smart Streamer is also compatible with Hi-Res music files. These files give a purer sound with exceptional detail. The TIBO is compatible with a wide range of HD audio formats for complete flexibility.