Octava UHD41-ARC

Octava 4 x1 HDMI + Digital Audio Switch which supports UHD 4K and HDMI ARC.

An ideal partner product for the SONOS PLAYBAR® or any other Soundbar which lacks HDMI, UHD 4K or ARC support.

The Octava UHD-41ARC is not currently in production (April 2019) – we will update this page when production resumes.

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HDMI + Digital Audio Switch which supports UHD 4K plus HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC).

Supports HDCP 2.2

Supports HDR

Supports DV

An ideal partner product for the SONOS PLAYBAR® or any Soundbar which lacks HDMI support.

An ideal ‘upgrade’ product for any Soundbar which lacks 4K UHD support.

Outputs Optical Digital Audio to your PLAYBAR® or Soundbar.

4 x HDMI Inputs.

4 x Optical Digital Audio Inputs.

1 x HDMI Output.

1 x Optical Digital Audio Output.

1 x USB port – for uploading custom EDID and Firmware options.

Simple Credit Card remote allows full control of the HDMI and Digital Audio Source selection.

Compatible with Harmony Programmable Remotes.

Flexible audio options including:

  • Use HDMI or Optical Digital audio for any Source.
  • Preset each Input independently to either HDMI or Optical Digital Audio.
  • Switch Audio independently of HDMI selection (allows you to view one Source and listen to a different Source).
  • Supports Digital Audio Only Sources (idea when integrating a legacy CD Player, PC, Laptop or Camcorder).
  • Supports TV in Standby mode (ideal for a Source such as Apple TV when it is being used as an Audio Source controlled via an iOS device)

In-cabinet Control

  • Add in the optional IR Receiver cable and hide the switch inside your AV cabinet.
  • Add in the optional 4-head Blaster cable to allow operation of attached Sources.






Additional information

Dimensions 42.3 × 10.4 × 0.42 cm

Supports HDMI Audio Return Channel


Fully CEC Compliant – will integrate with your CEC Display and Source devices.


USB port plus supplied Windows® configuration tool allows you to set and adjust various parameters.

Dimming LED's

LED's illuminate to indicate which HDMI and Digital Audio device is active and then dim to zero to minimise light leakage into your viewing room.

EDID Management

USB port plus supplied Windows® software allows the creation of custom EDID to aid system integration.

Front Panel Control

Push Button selection of HDMI and Digital Audio Source – toggle can be linked or independent.

IR Passthru

Can be installed in your AV cabinet and allow you to control the Switch plus connected Source devices using the optional IR extender cables.

Rack Mountable

Kit includes required Rack Mount ears.


Full control over all key functions using RS232 – ideal for integration with any Corporate or Residential Control System.


Compatible with Broadcast, Disc and Streaming services such as:
SKY Q, UHD BD, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Netflix…