VanDamme Blue Series Loudspeaker Cable 2×2.5mm


Van Damme Blue Series 2×2.5mm is the ideal loudspeaker cable for most AV, Home Cinema, Multi-room and Hi-Fi systems. The twin-axial, flexible cable makes it simple to work with and install into walls, floors and ceilings vs. a conventional ‘shotgun’ style Hi-Fi cable.

We supply the VanDamme cable on 100m and 50m drums or select your preferred length.

We can supply pre-cut and pre-terminated lengths of cable by request – please email

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Van Damme use a higher purity oxygen free copper for the conductors – Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free Copper (UPOFC). The use of this material further improves the solderability and conductivity of the conductor resulting in faithful and transparent signal reproduction.

In common with most cables of its type, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used for the conductor insulation. There are many variant types of PVC used for cable insulation that may exhibit moderate, good or better electrical and mechanical properties. As speaker signals are essentially relatively high DC voltages, a low dielectric constant is not a priority. The PVC polymers used by Van Damme maximise the flexibility, heat resistance and stress resistance characteristics of PVC to ensure that there is a minimum of insulation shrinkback when soldering and a high level of flexibility even after years of use and abuse.

The overall jacket material is a neoprene heavy special PVC composite that has an almost rubberised quality. This jacket is high pressure extruded over the 2 twisted inner conductors to create a robust, extremely flexible speaker cable that has excellent coilability in use.


  • Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Speaker Cable 2 x 2.5mm (13AWG) twin-axial type, overall cable diameter is 7.6mm. Conductor Resistance 7.30 Ohm/Km, conductor stranding 147/0.15mm, working voltage: 300/500V, weight 102 kg/km. Part number: 268-525-060.
  • Applications: studio monitoring, guitar amplifier to speaker and other installations where LS0H / LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) is not a requirement.
  • Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper (UPOFC) conductors for high efficiency signal transmission, PVC insulation and special flexible PVC composite jacket.
  • Please note: 2 x 2.5mm refers to: the two (2 – Red and Blue Shielded) copper conductors which are 2.5mm2 each. According to this, the copper conductor’s diameter is ~ 1.78mm.
  • Recommended connectors: Banana plug, Spade connector, Mono / Stereo Jack, Neutrik XLR, Speakon.
    June 2020
    – we have an alternative 2×2.5mm installation grade loudspeaker cable available from stock,
    see TMF Black Series 2×2.5mm

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